yorkie summer haircut
What Is The Best Yorkie Summer Haircut? Things To Consider
As we all know, Yorkies possess a unique coat that is more akin to human hair than typical dog fur. This fine, silky texture requires special care, especially during the warmer months...
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can yorkies swim
Can Yorkies Swim? How To Make Them Safe In The Water?
So, you’ve got a Yorkie and you’re wondering, “can Yorkies swim?” It’s a great question, especially with summer right around the corner and dreams of beach days and poolside...
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yorkie food allergy
Yorkie Food Allergy: 101 Things To Know & How To Help Your Dog
Choosing the right diet for your Yorkie is one of the first things to do when bringing him/her home. Since they belong to small dog breeds, their stomach and skin react more sensitively...
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bed for yorkshire terriers
7 Best Yorkie Beds For Yorkshire Terriers of All Ages
There’s nothing better than sleeping in cozy beds and waking up rested and ready for a new day. Since our dogs definitely agree with us, we should carefully choose their beds as well....
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teacup yorkie clothes
9 Best Picks of Teacup Yorkie Clothes To Buy Right Now
Teacup Yorkies, those adorable pint-sized pups, are not just pets but a statement of style and personality. Their tiny frames and vivacious spirits make them perfect candidates for...
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best shampoo for yorkies
What Is The Best Shampoo For Yorkies? Best Picks For Your Pet
Taking care of your Yorkie’s coat and skin is an important part of their grooming routine. These delightful little creatures, their glossy coat and cheerful nature, need careful grooming...
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