Top 10 Yorkie Accessories for a Stylish and Comfortable Pup

Every Yorkie owner understands the importance of their pet’s well-being and joy. As you would furnish yourself with top-tier items, your Yorkie deserves nothing less. To help you make your lives more enjoyable, we decided to make this comprehensive guide on Yorkie accessories.

What are must-have Yorkie accessories to take care of your pup?

We all love to see our dogs looking well-groomed and cute. And when it comes to buying accessories to make them look even cuter, we all don’t know where to start. If you’re a new dog owner who is looking for essential Yorkie accessories that will ease your life, read on and check this list.

Grooming Brushes for Yorkies:

 Yorkies have a fine, silky coat that tends to tangle if not cared for properly. A slicker brush can help detangle and smooth their fur, while a pin brush can be used for their daily brushing to keep their coat healthy and shiny.

Self-Cleaning Yorkie Brush is specially made for their type of coat. It effectively detangles knots and collects loose hair.

If you’re looking for a yorkie comb that will help you make gorgeous haircuts, then you have to check Sleek Comb for Yorkshire Terriers. It’s suitable for Yorkie’s fine hair on the head and creating cute haircuts.

Nail Clippers: 

Regular nail trimming is essential for a Yorkie’s health. Investing in a high-quality nail clipper ensures a painless and quick nail trimming experience for your little buddy.

Shampoos for Yorkies: 

Given the delicate nature of a Yorkie’s skin and fur, it’s crucial to select a mild, moisturizing shampoo. Yorkie Shampoo and conditioner features essential lavender oil that is famous for soothing properties. For the discerning Yorkie owner, the Yorkie Shampoo and Conditioner is nothing short of a grooming marvel. 

Infused with natural lavender essential oil, this product doesn’t just provide a refreshing cleanse, but it also doubles up as a formidable repellent against pesky invaders like fleas, ticks, and chewing lice. Lavender, renowned for its soothing properties, is a boon for a dog’s skin, alleviating irritations and bestowing a calming fragrance that lingers.

yorkie shampoo

 The brilliance of this product is magnified by its dual nature: it’s both a shampoo and a conditioner in one bottle! This means a streamlined grooming routine that saves time without skimping on quality or benefits. 

Towels for pleasant baths: 

Microfiber towels are a great choice for Yorkies. They are super absorbent and soft, ensuring your pup gets dry quickly without any irritation. They are one of the must-have Yorkie accessories that can be used not only after baths, but also after strolling in rainy weather.

Yorkie Harnesses

Due to their petite size, a harness is more suitable than a collar. It ensures they don’t strain their neck and offers better control during walks.

We recommend you take a look at the Five Star Harness With Leash Set

The Five Star Harness With Leash Set stands out as a perfect choice for Yorkie puppies. Crafted from nylon mesh, it boasts a soft polyester fabric lining that acts as a gentle barrier between the harness and your puppy’s tender skin, ensuring comfort and preventing chafing. 

The design is geared to deter dogs from pulling, making walks more manageable for both the pup and the owner. 

yorkie accessories

The adjustable straps guarantee a snug fit, adapting to your growing Yorkie. What’s even better? It comes with a matching leash, ensuring coordinated style on your strolls. Now, when it comes to Yorkie puppies, choosing a harness over a collar is essential. Given the Yorkie’s delicate trachea, a harness evenly distributes pressure across their chest and back. It reduces the risk of injury or strain, which a collar might induce. The Five Star Harness ensures that your Yorkie puppy has both safety and style during their outdoor adventures.

Breathable Mesh Yorkie Harness is oue second recommendation for Yorkie accessories. It’s perfect for hot summer days. Made of mesh, it’s light and lets air flow easily. This keeps your Yorkie cool and stops them from getting too hot, which can lead to heatstroke. It’s not just stylish but also keeps your dog safe and comfy during sunny walks.

yorkie accessories

Fashionable Yorkie Accessories: 

Yorkies are naturally chic, so why not enhance their look with some cute bows, bandanas, or even little sweaters for those colder days?

The Yorkie Crown and Bow Set stands out as the ultimate accessory for every fashion-forward Yorkie. Whether you’re taking your Yorkie for a leisurely park stroll or showcasing her at a pet event, this accessory ensures she’s not just seen, but remembered.

yorkie accessories

2. What are must-have Yorkie accessories for dog parents?

Yorkie Carriers For Easy Walks: 

A stylish and comfortable carrier is perfect for those times when your Yorkie needs a lift. Whether you’re traveling or just going to the vet, a padded, well-ventilated carrier will keep them secure and comfy. Woof Wagon is one of those carriers that can be used throughout the year. 

Since it’s made of breathable mesh, and can be worn both on your chest and your back, your pooch will be able to follow you on every adventure. You’ll especially love side pockets where you can put snacks and water for your Yorkie.

accessories for yorkies

Poop Bags: 

It’s a less glamorous side of pet ownership, but necessary nonetheless. Eco-friendly, biodegradable poop bags are a responsible choice for cleaning up after your Yorkie.

Portable Water Bottle: 

Keeping your Yorkie hydrated on-the-go is essential, especially during long walks or trips. A portable water bottle with an attached drinking bowl is convenient and ensures your pup always has fresh water.


Every Yorkie parent should have a stash of healthy, bite-sized treats. Not just for training, but because sometimes, they just deserve a little snack!

3. How to make your Yorkie look cute with Yorkie accessories?

Here comes the most glamorous part! Since we can’t deny the charming Yorkie’s beauty, it’s time to make them look even more beautiful with these picks of Yorkie accessories. 

Pawcci Multicolor Backpack is not only inspired by one of the most luxurious human fashion brand, but it’s probably something the cutest you’ve ever seen. This dog backpack is easy to put on your dog’s back and can serve as a hidden gem for carrying treats and poop bags.  Thanks to its multicolor design, your dog will become noticed in every pawstep. 

Shoes and Booties for Yorkies:

Not only do they look cute, but they also protect their paws from rough terrains or cold weather.

The Waterproof Yorkie Boots stand out as both a stylish and practical choice. While they certainly up the cuteness factor, their real value lies in their protective features. Yorkies, with their dainty paws, can be vulnerable to the cold, and street salt can be harmful. 

These boots guard against hypothermia and ensure those tiny feet are safe from any harsh elements. Plus, they offer better traction, making snowy or icy walks more manageable and enjoyable. With the Waterproof Yorkie Boots, your furry friend’s paws are not only fashionably covered but also well-protected, ensuring they can trot around confidently and comfortably.

Designer Yorkie Sweaters: 

For cooler days, a snug-fitting sweater will keep them warm and enrich their style. When we talk about Yorkie accessories, the Fancy Dog Pucci GG Sweater undoubtedly deserves special mention. Not only does this sweater make your Yorkie look irresistibly cute, but it also plays a vital role in keeping them warm and protected from the cold. 

yorkie accessories

Given the Yorkie’s petite stature, they can be more susceptible to hypothermia. This sweater, with its blend of style and function, ensures your little friend remains snug, warm, and healthy. Every time your Yorkie dons the Fancy Dog Pucci GG Sweater, you can be sure they’re both stylish and safe, no matter the weather. It’s the perfect blend of cuteness and care!

Remember, while accessories are fun, always ensure they’re comfortable for your Yorkie. Avoid anything too tight or cumbersome.

Yorkie Accessories: Wrapping up

In the grand scheme of pet care, accessories might seem frivolous. But for Yorkie parents, they’re more than just adornments. They are tools that enhance the quality of life for our little furry friends. Whether it’s a harness, sweater, or booties, always ensure that any wearable accessory fits your Yorkie perfectly. An ill-fitting accessory can lead to discomfort or even injury.

We also recommend you always choose quality over quantity. It’s always a better idea to invest in high-quality Yorkie accessories that will last longer and provide comfort than to buy numerous cheaper alternatives. A well-made harness or carrier, for instance, will ensure safety and durability.

From essential grooming items to delightful fashion statements, Yorkie accessories are an expression of our love and commitment to their well-being. After all, they’re not just pets. They’re family.

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