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What Is A Teddy Bear Yorkie? Things To Know About Them

Known for their plush, toy-like appearance, Teddy Bear Yorkies are more than just a pretty face. They became incredibly popular in the last few years and there are a few good reasons for it. Teddy bear Yorkies look like living bears and are compact enough to fit perfectly on your lap. To discover more about these cuties, read on and discover all the fact you need to know about them.

What is a Teddy Bear Yorkie?

There is a common misconception about Teddy bear yorkies. People often think that they are a type of standard Yorkshire terriers. However, the truth is different. A teddy bear yorkie actually only looks like a teddy bears thanks to a so-called ‘’teddy bear cut’’. Yes, you heard it right! They are not a type of Yorkies. They are ordinary Yorkies who look like toy bears. So, we use this term to describe their appearance.

Since the AKC recognizes only one type of Yorkshire terriers, we can’t say that these pooches are not recognized. If they have all the features of standard Yorkies, they can definitely compete in show. So, the key is in their haircut and not in their genes and people should not mix it with Pomeranians.

Yorkies who look like teddy bears can also be mixed or so-called hybrid dog breeds. In most cases, Yorkies are mated with Maltese and such dog breed is caled Maltipoo.

Maltipoos are slightly bigger than Yorkies but they have fluffier coats so they really look like teddy bears. 

teddy bear yorkie

Comparing Teddy Bear Vs. Traditional Yorkie


The traditional Yorkie has a more delicate, angular face with beady, intelligent eyes and a self-assured look. Their facial expressions are accentuated by the fine, silky coat and their alert and inquisitive nature is revealed in their eyes. Teddy Bear Yorkies, on the other hand, have a more gentle, rounded facial structure which makes them look a lot fluffier and more adorable. Their eyes may be bigger and more communicative, frequently conveying an adorable, puppy-like appeal that is tough to turn down.


Traditional Yorkies’ bodies are usually rather small and proportional, they have a straight back and a bold posture, which indicates their hardy lineage. Teddy Bear Yorkies, though compact as well, might have a somewhat more rounded body, which adds to the appearance of a stuffed toy. This mild variation of body shape emphasizes their cuddly qualities.


Their coat is one of the most obvious differences between the two. Prior to the modern Yorkies, the traditional ones had an extremely shiny long silk hair that would hang straight down either side of their bodies and mostly showed their blue and tan classic colours. In the case of the Teddy Bear Yorkie, their coat is usually thicker and fluffier and may also have a slight wave or curl to it, further emphasizing their teddy bear appearance. This makes them appear a little more disheveled but still charming and their coat colors can be of a larger range than those of the classic palette.


The two breeds have the intelligence, bravely and loyalty that are typical of Yorkies. But since Traditional Yorkies are bold and daring, they tend to be very confident in their demeanour. They are spirited and noisier at times representing the lively nature of their predecessors. Teddy Bear Yorkies are still intelligent and loyal but tend to be a bit more relaxed and easy-going. They are warm and friendly in nature and hence are great companions who enjoy snuggles and affection. This breed is very adapted for quiet and a warm home environment thanks to their calm character.

teddy bear yorkie

How To Take Care of A Teddy Bear Yorkie?

Pay Attention to Their Coat

The coat of the Teddy Bear Yorkie is one of their most prominent features – it is fluffy, soft, and sometimes even has waves, which is truly a standout trait. The regular grooming is the key to maintaining their coats on a top-notch level. You should also brush your little buddy’s fur a few times every week to avoid tangles and mats which can be irritating. They may also require regular grooming depending on the type of coat they have to manage and keep it neat. Do not forget that a healthy and clean coat is not just a matter of beauty, it is a matter of their health and wellbeing.

Their Skin Is More Sensitive

Teddy Bear Yorkies, under that wonderful coat, often have more delicate skin. This sensitivity requires a tender grooming and care. When bathing, use mild shampoos that are hypoallergenic and meant for canine sensitive skin and always rinse them well to ensure no soap residue is left which can irritate your dog’s skin. Maintaining their surroundings in a clean and allergen free state can also prevent the occurrence of skin problems.

2-in-1 Yorkie Shampoo and Conditioner is our recommendation that will make their coat glossy and fluffy. Thanks to a conditioner that comes in the same bottle, your Yorkie’s hair will not only smell great but will also look shiny and silky in touch.

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Be Mindful of Paw and Nose Care

Areas such as the paws and nose of a Teddy Bear Yorkie are sensitive and need to be treated with care. Inspect their paws regularly for wounds, inflammation or debris caught inbetween the pads. If it is the cold season or you will be walking the dog in rough areas, then think about dog booties to protect their paws. Their noses may also get dry and even chapped, so, to moisten a nose and prevent cracking, it is recommended to use a pet-safe balm.

Natural Yorkie Paw Balm features only natural ingredients and can be used to protect your teddy bear Yorkie’s paws from allergens, street salt, ice and hot terrains.

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In winter, utilise warm clothes to save them from hypothermia

Although they look like a ball of fluff, Teddy Bear Yorkies lack a dense undercoat to insulate them in cold weather, so they’re prone to catching a cold. It is imperative that you invest in a good quality warm wardrobe for your furry friend. Sweaters, coats and even booties can go a long way in ensuring that they are comfortable when taking them for walks or participating in other outdoor activities during winter. Nevertheless, make sure that their attire is not too tight such that they cannot move or feel comfortable.

Yorkie Teddy Bear: Wrapping up

Whether you own a Yorkie teddy bear or not, these amazing dogs represent a perfect pick for any type of family. They’re cuddly, tiny, and catches everyone’s eye. So, in case you want to own a teddy bear yorkie, don’t be fooled by their haircut and diminutive size. They’re same as standard Yorkies with one distinction. The key is in their marvelous haircut. Dog groomers know how to trim the face of a Yorkie to get the ‘’Pomeranian-alike’’ appearance. So, even if you’re an owner of a standard Yorkie, talk to your groomer and try to change something about your dog’s haircut. An, voila! You’ll live with a living Teddy bear!

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