yorkie ears down

Yorkie Ears Down? Here Is What You Need to Do!

So you’ve adopted an adorable new Yorkie puppy, but you’ve noticed their ears aren’t standing up like other Yorkies you’ve seen. Don’t worry, floppy ears in Yorkie puppies are common and often correct themselves over time. However, there are a few things you can do to help strengthen those little ears and encourage them to perk up. This guide will walk you through understanding normal Yorkie ear development, possible reasons their ears are down, tips to help them stand up, when to see the vet, and how to properly care for your Yorkie regardless of whether their ears stay down. Within a few months, you’ll have a better idea of whether your little one is just taking their time or may need some extra care to get those signature pointy Yorkie ears.

yorkie ears down

Understanding Yorkie Ear Development: Stages of Ear Growth in Yorkies

Yorkie puppies are born with their ears closed and floppy. As they grow, their ears will go through several stages of development before standing erect.

Around 3 to 4 weeks, Yorkie puppies’ ears will open. At this point, their ears may stand up slightly when alert, but will still flop over when relaxed.

By 6 to 8 weeks, a Yorkie’s ears should stand erect for longer periods, especially when interested in noises or activities. However, they may still droop when sleeping or tired. This is normal, as the ear cartilage is still soft and developing strength.

Between 8 to 12 weeks, a Yorkie’s ears should stand up permanently in most puppies. However, in some Yorkies, the ears may remain down for up to 6 months. Several factors can influence when a Yorkie’s ears stand up fully.

Common Reasons for Yorkies’ Ears Remaining Down: Genetics, Health Issues, and Environment

Some Yorkies are just born with ears that prefer to flop instead of standing upright. Genetics plays a role in a puppy’s ear carriage, and in some cases, there’s not much you can do to change what nature intended. However, other factors like health problems or environmental influences can also cause a Yorkie’s ears to drop or remain down.

Health issues in Yorkies

Certain health conditions like an ear infection, teething pain, or low blood sugar may make a Yorkie uncomfortable and unable to hold his ears up. Besides in Yorkies, similar health problems can occur in Chihuahuas as well. Once the underlying issue is resolved, the ears should go back to standing normally. Nutritional deficiencies, especially a lack of calcium or protein, can also contribute to weak ear muscles and cartilage unable to support erect ears.

Environment is one of the possible causes

The environment a Yorkie puppy is raised in has an impact on ear development as well. Lack of stimulation or handling, minimal exposure to sounds and noises, or limited opportunities for exercise and play can all limit the strength building up in a puppy’s ears. Interacting with your Yorkie, taking him to new places, and providing puzzle toys or playtime with other dogs are all ways to create an enriching environment that supports ear health.

If your Yorkie’s ears are down for an extended period, it’s best to have your vet examine them to check for any medical causes. They can also advise you on nutrition, exercises, taping techniques or other options that may help strengthen and support your puppy’s ears. While some Yorkies will have ears that never fully stand, with patience and proper care, most puppies will develop ears to be proud of, whether they stand fully erect or retain a charming flop.

Tips for Helping Yorkie Puppies Raise Their Ears: Nutrition, Grooming, Exercises

Helping your Yorkie puppy’s ears stand up straight is important for both health and appearance reasons. The good news is there are several things you can do to encourage ear strength and position during the first few months of your Yorkie’s development.

Choosing the right diet for your Yorkie

A balanced, high-quality puppy food is essential for your Yorkie’s growth, including ear cartilage development. Look for a puppy food specifically for small or toy breed dogs that is rich in nutrients like protein, amino acids, and fatty acids. Limit treats and avoid table scraps, as these can lead to nutritional deficiencies if fed in excess.

Grooming of your Yorkie

Gently clean your Yorkie’s ears regularly with a vet-approved ear cleanser and cotton ball to remove excess wax and debris. Never insert anything into the ear canal. After bathing, thoroughly dry your Yorkie’s ears to prevent infection. You can also massage the base of the ears to increase blood flow to the area.

Exercises and regular training

Perform simple ear exercises with your Yorkie puppy to strengthen the ear muscles and cartilage. Gently massage and rub the base of the ears. You can also gently hold each ear flap and slowly move them up and down, side to side or make circular motions. Do a few short sessions of ear exercises with your puppy each day.

While most Yorkie puppies will raise their ears on their own between 4 to 7 months, some dogs may require support beyond 6 months. If your Yorkie’s ears are not standing after 7 months, or you notice redness, swelling or fold odor in one or both ears, consult your vet to check for any underlying health issues and to discuss options for helping the ears stand. Surgery or ear taping are sometimes recommended as a last resort.

With patience, proper care and nutrition, your Yorkie’s ears should strengthen and stand on their own, but the most important thing is your puppy’s health and well-being. Focus on giving your Yorkie a happy, healthy start in life, floppy ears or not!

yorkie ears down

When to Consult a Vet About Yorkie Ears Down: Identifying Health Issues

When your Yorkie puppy’s ears don’t stand up as expected, it’s normal to worry. Ear position can indicate hearing or health issues, so it’s wise to monitor their development and see a vet if needed.

Yorkie ears go through several stages as they mature. Typically, ears will stand up between 4 to 7 weeks as the ear cartilage firms and strengthens. Ears that remain down after 12 weeks often stay that way permanently without intervention. However, some Yorkies’ ears don’t stand until up to 6 months, so don’t lose hope!

Several factors influence Yorkie ear position. Genetics plays a role, as some Yorkies are born with softer ear cartilage. Inadequate nutrition, especially a lack of calcium or protein, can slow ear development. Environmental influences like teething pain or ear infections may also temporarily prevent ears from standing.

To help encourage ear strength, provide your Yorkie puppy with a healthy, balanced diet and appropriate chew toys for teething relief. Gently massage the ear tips regularly. You can also try basic ear exercises, like gently folding and unfolding the ears, to stimulate cartilage growth.

If your Yorkie’s ears are still down after 12 weeks or you notice inflammation, odor or discharge from the ears, consult your vet. They can check for any underlying health issues and may recommend ear taping or surgical correction if necessary. While diet and exercise are helpful, medical conditions require diagnosis and treatment by a professional.

Even if your Yorkie’s ears remain down permanently, they can still lead a normal, healthy life with proper long-term care. Accept your Yorkie for who they are, floppy ears and all, and focus on keeping them happy and loving them unconditionally. Regular ear cleanings, nail trims and teeth brushing will help keep those adorable down ears clean, comfortable and infection-free for life.

Tips for Helping Yorkie Puppies Raise Their Ears

– Feed puppy food for the first year. Puppy food has more calories and nutrients to support ear development.

– Gently massage and rub ears. Massaging helps strengthen the ear muscles and circulation.

– Offer chew toys to your Yorkie. Chewing releases endorphins that relieve teething pain and encourage ear muscles to stand.

– Limit handling of ears. Try not to tug or play roughly with ears, especially when teething.

– Keep your Yorkie warm. Cold temperatures can weaken ear muscles. Use a coat or sweater in cold weather.

Caring for a Yorkie with Down Ears

– Accept your Yorkie as they are. While you can try helping ears stand as a puppy, down ears are natural and endearing. Focus on your Yorkie’s amazing personality!

– Check and clean ears regularly. Down ears don’t allow as much air circulation, so wax and moisture buildup is more likely. Gently wipe outer ears with a damp cloth and cotton ball.

– Be wary of ear infections. Take your Yorkie to the vet if ears smell bad, there is discharge, or your Yorkie scratches their ears excessively. Early treatment of infections is important to prevent permanent damage. Unfortunately, Yorkies, as well as Dachshunds are prone to ear infections so we have to clean them regularly.

– Limit swimming or bathing. Excessive moisture can lead to inflammation or infection in down ears. Bathing only when necessary and drying ears thoroughly can help.

yorkie ears down

Do some Yorkies have floppy ears?

Yes, it’s quite common for Yorkie puppies to have droopy or floppy ears, especially when they’re very young. Don’t worry, though—their ears will perk up on their own in time. Yorkie ears go through several stages of development before standing fully erect.

As a Yorkie puppy, your little one’s ears are still developing the muscles and cartilage needed to hold them upright. Around 3 to 4 weeks of age, a Yorkie’s ears will start to stand for short periods when the puppy is alert or interested in something. Over the next few weeks, they’ll stand for longer and longer. Most Yorkie puppies have ears that stand fully erect by around 3 to 4 months of age.

Several factors can influence how quickly (or if) your Yorkie’s ears stand up. Genetics plays a role, as some Yorkies ardachshe just born with stronger ear cartilage than others. Health issues like infections or parasites can also weaken a puppy’s ears. And environmental influences like excessive handling or rough play may make it more difficult for ears to stand.

Gently massage of the ears can help

To help your Yorkie puppy’s ears stand up perkily, make sure he has proper nutrition with enough calcium and other minerals. Gently massage and play with his ears to strengthen the muscles. You can also do simple ear exercises by gently folding over and holding the ear flap for a few seconds, then releasing and praising your pup. Repeat this a few times per ear, a couple times a day.

If your Yorkie’s ears haven’t started to stand by 4 months of age, or you notice any foul odors, redness, or discharge from the ears, it’s best to have your vet examine them. Your vet can check for any infections and may recommend ear taping or gluing to help train the ears to stand, if needed. With patience and proper care, most Yorkie puppies will develop perky, pointy ears, but some may end up with one or two ears that flop over—and that’s perfectly adorable too!

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yorkie ear cleaning

Yorkie Ears Down: Conclusion

So there you have it, everything you need to know about raising those adorable Yorkie ears. While the ears remaining down can be perfectly normal, providing your pup the right nutrition, environment, and healthcare will give them the best chance of standing up. But even if they don’t, you’ll love your little Yorkie all the same. Their ears are just another part of what makes them your lovable and unique companion. Keep giving them all the care and affection they need, floppy ears or not, and you’ll have a happy, healthy Yorkie by your side for years to come.

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