why is my yorkie shaking

Why Is My Yorkie Shaking? Top 12 Reasons To Know

How many times have you asked yourself a question ‘’ Why is my Yorkie shaking?’’. Since these tiny pooches have a small percentage of body fat, shaking and trembling is one of the first symptoms of feeling cold when walking outside in the winter. However, besides hypothermia, there are also many other reasons why your Yorkie shakes uncontrollably.

Why Is My Yorkie Shaking? The Most Common Reasons

We all agree that Yorkies are one of the cutest little dogs. They’re always so excited and full of energy. When they get really happy and worked up about something, you’ll see them start to shake. It’s like they just can’t contain their enthusiasm! 

A perfect example is when their owner comes home after work. As soon as the door opens and they see you, those little Yorkie bodies just start trembling. Their whole body is like “Yay! You’re back!” while their tail is wagging a mile a minute. And don’t even get me started on the jumping and playful barking. They want to greet you so badly they can hardly stand still.

It’s adorable seeing how thrilled they are. All that shaking and wiggling lets you know just how happy your presence makes them. Yorkies have such big personalities in such a small package. I just love how much joy and excitement they show with every little quiver.

Generalized Tremor Syndrome (GTS) in Yorkies

This sindrome mainly affects smaller dog breeds. Basically, it causes them to shake uncontrollably – that’s why some people call it “shaker syndrome”. 

The crazy thing is, it doesn’t seem to be because the pup is feeling scared or stressed. They can just suddenly start trembling even when they’re relaxing or doing everyday stuff. It’s not like when a dog gets excited and shakes a little – this is more rhythmic and constant shaking. 

Unfortunately, in most cases there isn’t a cure for such shaking behavior in your Yorkie. Their bodies just start vibrating without any clear trigger. I’m sure it must be confusing and uncomfortable for the little guys. If you see a Yorkie shaking like this a lot, it’s worth talking to your vet just to be safe. 

why is my yorkie shaking

Hypoglycemia in Yorkies

Hypoglycemia means suffering from a low blood sugar. It’s common to spot it in smaller dog breeds such as Yorkies and Chihuahuas, and early treatment is ‘a must’. It can cause a Yorkie to feel weak and tired, or even start shaking. There are a few things that can bring it on. 

Missing a meal is an obvious one – if little Fluffy doesn’t eat on schedule, her blood sugar can dip. Being really active without eating can do it too. A Yorkie pup that plays super hard in the yard may start trembling from low blood sugar. Stress is another trigger. Things like going to the vet or a loud thunderstorm could cause blood sugar to drop.

The good news is the symptoms usually improve quickly once the pup eats something sugary. A couple treats with a bit of honey or jam can perk a shaking Yorkie right up. Your vet may also recommend a special supplement you can give for hypoglycemia. Just a little bit helps boost blood sugar to a safe level. So don’t panic if your little furball seems out of it – get some sugar in her tummy and she’ll likely bounce back in no time.

Anxiety in Yorkies

It’s very common for Yorkies to shake or tremble due to anxiety or stress from certain triggers. Their tiny bodies can feel really overwhelmed by things like loud noises or unfamiliar places. Thunderstorms are a classic example – the booming sounds probably scare them a lot! Even something like being in a crowded area with lots of people talking loudly could cause a Yorkie to feel stressed. This type of shaking usually goes away quickly once the stressful thing is over or the pup gets some calming pets from their owner to comfort them. 

The Cold Can Cause Shivering Too

Because Yorkies are such a small breed with thin coats, it doesn’t take much for them to get chilly. Their little frames can’t generate body heat as easily as bigger dogs. So on colder days, you might see your Yorkie start to quiver, which is their body’s natural way of trying to warm up. Going for a walk when it’s breezy outdoors could trigger shivering. Even being in a house that’s only a little cooler than normal may cause shaking. Making sure Yorkies have warm clothes like sweaters in the winter, or keeping the heat turned up, can help them feel cozy and prevent cold-related trembling.


So if a little Yorkie happens to eat something it’s not supposed to, like chocolate for example since that’s poisonous to dogs, one thing you might notice is it starts shaking or trembling. That could definitely be a sign something’s not right. Other things to look out for are if it starts throwing up, having diarrhea, or just seems really tired and out of it. If any of those happen, it’s super important to get Fido to the vet as soon as possible. When dogs ingest something toxic, every minute counts in getting them the help they need.

Epilepsy in Yorkies 

Some Yorkies unfortunately deal with epilepsy in their lives. That means they can have seizures where their little bodies start shaking or twitching uncontrollably. The episodes can vary in how long they last and how intense they are. For a Yorkie with epilepsy, you might see it have an attack where it shakes for a few minutes and then seems confused or worn out after. It’s tough to see our furry friends experiencing that. The best thing owners can do is watch for signs one is coming on so they can keep their pup safe until it’s over.


Fear is a common trigger for shaking in Yorkies. Many owners wonder, “why is my yorkie shaking?” when their pup appears frightened. Loud noises from fireworks or unfamiliar people and pets can cause a Yorkie to feel afraid. During moments of fear, a Yorkie may tremble or try to hide. They may even cling tightly to their owner. This fearful response is especially noticeable during thunderstorms or in busy places the Yorkie isn’t used to. In these situations, the poor pup gets so scared that it shakes. Understanding what frightens a Yorkie is important so owners can provide comfort and make them feel safe.

Motion sickness

Motion sickness is another reason a Yorkie may shake, leaving owners puzzled about “why is my yorkie shaking?”. Car rides often cause nausea in Yorkies, just like they can in people. An upset tummy from eating something they shouldn’t can also lead to shaking. When a Yorkie is feeling sick, it may drool a lot or seem tired in addition to trembling. If nausea seems to be the cause, owners need to identify what’s making their pup feel ill and address the problem. 

To help your pooch easier deal with this issue during trips, we recommend you using the Padded Yorkie Car Seat.

It will give your pet a feeling of safety and thanks to padded edges and bottom, there will be less chance of nausea.

ear cleaning solution

Canine distemper

Canine distemper is a serious disease that affects a Yorkie’s respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. This virus can result in shaking, coughing and eye/nose discharge. As the illness progresses, it may cause neurological issues that make the Yorkie tremble in strange ways. Seeing these symptoms is worrying for owners and raises the question, “why is my yorkie shaking?”. Quick veterinary care is crucial when canine distemper is suspected.

Infections and other diseases

Other illnesses can also be the reason behind a Yorkie’s shaking. Diseases involving the heart, lungs or blood sugar regulation may cause trembling. When this happens, it’s a sign something isn’t right that needs a vet’s attention. Figuring out “why is my yorkie shaking?” is important to identify any underlying health conditions.

Ear infection in Yorkies

Ear infections commonly lead to head shaking in Yorkies too. The pain and irritation causes them distress, making them shake or scratch at their ears. Tilting the head to one side is another sign. Recognizing these symptoms helps owners get treatment for the infection behind their pup’s shaking. To keep your Yorkie’s ears clean and healthy, we recommend you use the Yorkie Ear Cleaning Solution

Neurological problems

Neurological problems sometimes underlie a Yorkie’s trembling as well. Conditions affecting the nerves or spine could impact balance and coordination, resulting in shaking. A thorough exam is needed to determine if the nervous system contributes to “why is my yorkie shaking?”. 

Drying Off

After baths or walks in the rain, Yorkies may shake vigorously as a natural way to dry off their thick coats. While alarming to witness, this type of shaking is typically harmless. It provides a simple explanation for owners when “why is my yorkie shaking?” after getting wet.

Old Age and Related Shaking

As Yorkies age, muscle weakness or neurological decline can cause trembling. While some trembling is normal for senior dogs, persistent or severe shaking still warrants a vet visit. It’s important to rule out any serious issues that could be answered by “why is my yorkie shaking?”. To help your senior Yorkie have a pleasant time of sleeping, we advise you to check the collection of beds for Yorkies.

Furdi Luxury Bed is one of our favorite picks for senior pooches.

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Kidney Disease

Kidney disease may also result in shaking if toxins build up in the bloodstream due to impaired function. Proper diagnosis and treatment is needed when this is suspected as the reason for “why is my yorkie shaking?”.

Ingesting household hazards poses a serious risk, sometimes causing shaking. Owners urgently ask “why is my yorkie shaking?” when this occurs alongside other toxic symptoms. Quick veterinary help is crucial in these potentially life-threatening cases.

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